If you’re a CFO

Then you’ll want to quickly round out your team with skilled people. But above all, you’re looking for your team to run smoothly and cost-efficiently. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place: Becky.


In Belgrade, an HR manager and a financial manager ensure that the office runs smoothly. The managers keep an eye on the relevant local laws and regulations, but also on data security. They also see to creating a high level of employee well-being and a healthy atmosphere at work. So you don’t have to worry about it.

Nice price for high quality

Becky’s people are all university educated. What you pay employees with a vocational or a higher education degree in your country amounts to a relatively high salary for university-educated people in Belgrade. What’s more, they’re hard workers. They don’t mind to first get acquainted with the more straightforward work. But know that they’re also fully capable of handling more complex, data-analytical work.

Flexible scale

That’s right: Becky offers you a flexible scale. Opting for gig workers doesn’t provide you the guarantee of dedicated team members. With Becky, a pool of dedicated workers is exactly what you get. You’ll have no trouble in flexibly meeting the demands of your clients. Without being stuck with your new employees forever. Do you have less work to offer, or do you need an employee at a different competency level? You’ll be happy to know you you’re flexibility is ensured because of the limitation of the termination period to only sixty days.

Are you looking for affordable top talent? Let Becky work for you.

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