Better bookkeepers in Belgrade

Are you looking for employees for your administrative office? Becky finds highly educated, enthusiastic and above all skilled team members that match your search profile. With Becky’s bookkeepers, you’ll achieve growth and a higher level of your service quality.

Real talent

Talented, passionate employees that elevate the quality of your company.

Always flexible

With a termination period of 60 days, you can always be flexible.

You search, we find

We can find them: the employees that complete your team.


Getting started with Becky

Good preparation

We help you to set up your systems and processes for collaboration with Team Belgrade.

Smooth cooperation

Everyone in Belgrade speaks fluent English and feels at home working for a Dutch company.

Flying start

The Becky Academy trains junior talent in the necessary systems, packages, and rules.


The team members in Belgrade are nice, committed people and above all: a good addition to your team.

Are you looking for affordable talent too? Let Becky work for you

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About Becky

Geert and Sjoerd were looking for good employees for their accounting firm IBEO. They found them in Belgrade. ‘We were so happy with our newfound team members that we wanted to share our discovery with other offices.'

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