How Becky finds talents for you

Our company provides a unique solution for accounting agencies and corporations. We connect you with a team of highly skilled and experienced accountants who handle all your accounting, finance, and auditing needs.

How Becky finds talents for you

  • Efficient solution in less then an hour.

    Book a quick 15-30 minute video call with our Partnerships department.

  • Leave the hard work to us.

    Our sourcing team will start a lookout for a perfect candidate to join your team.

  • Meet top talents effortlessly.

    We'll arrange online interviews for you with well-suited candidates.

  • Perfect match and kickstart collaboration.

    With our onboarding process, we ensure a seamless partnership from the first day.


Working with Becky was the best decision ever

Arnold Pierhagen

CEO | De Coop & Haegen

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De Coop & Haegen

Located in Bussum, The Netherlands. A powerful partner for entrepreneurs! Entrepreneurs need a strong accountant in these rapidly changing times.


The Tax Authorities asked us some critical questions

Nico Koppel

Founder | Koppel Advies

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Koppel Advies

Meet Koppel, the specialist well-versed in every facet of Dutch laws and regulations, navigating the intricate challenges of entrepreneurship with finesse.


Foster a culture of trust and autonomy within the Belgrade team

Aniëlka Emmen

Project Leader | Zwanenberg Advies

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Zwanenberg Advies

With decades of experience, their expert team understands entrepreneurs' daily challenges, providing innovative solutions for business advancement.


To grow as a company, you have to think outside the box

Martin Boogaard

Co-founder | KIBO Accountants

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KIBO Accountants

With an enormous amount of financial data, they see things earlier and better. They see how you can achieve things you never thought possible and how you can amaze yourself.


Delving into the Becky Metrics

Dive into the numbers that shape Becky's success story, discovering the data dynamics that propel our progress


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Connect and collaborate with Becky

Becky is here to answer your questions, give you information, or find a new team member for you straight away.

You can contact us by phone: +31 (0)20 809 0329, or by using the form on the right.

Amsterdam office

Vijzelstraat 68

1017 HL Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Makenzijeva office

Makenzijeva 57

11000 Belgrade


Bulevar office

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 28

11000 Belgrade


Sarajevo office

Marsala Tita 28

71000 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina