We know finance and accounting. As a matter of fact, we run our very own accounting firm in Amsterdam so we perfectly understand the daily challenges you are facing when it comes to staffing. Interested in a quick trip down memory lane? Let’s go.

About the founders

Becky’s founders Geert and Sjoerd started working together at Deloitte in 2010. Back then they were working in the Audit practice, but soon realized they were destined to start their own business. On October 25, 2011 their very first company IBEO was born.

IBEO, the 1 accounting practice

IBEO was (and still is) the number 1 accounting practice for the hospitality industry. Serving over 1.200 clients all over the Netherlands with a solid team of around 50 passionate professionals. Inspired by their experience at Deloitte, Geert and Sjoerd were determined to work with a remote team in order to scale up while not giving in on quality for their clients. The adventure started in Chandigarh, India. But soon after, they were told about Belgrade, Serbia by one of their close friends. Seeing is believing, so flights were booked and on the very first day they set foot on Serbian ground a new firm was born.**

Differences between India and Serbia

The differences between India and Serbia are numerous, but the most important benefit of Serbia over India is the very little cultural differences with the Netherlands. Doing business in Serbia does not differ much from “back home” which ensures that employees in both the Netherlands and Serbia are treated equally and form synergy.

How synergy is created

Since we are technically our own client (IBEO obviously hires a remote team through Becky) we perfectly understand your worries, your doubts and in some ways even the fears you have starting such an adventure as working with a remote team. But, we also experienced how much it brings to the company. How synergy is created. How people in the Netherlands get super excited about their very own colleagues abroad. The success of Becky’s formula is difficult to describe. It just … well, works!

We are there to help

Are you a little anxious to dive into this adventure? No stress. We’ve been there, we know how it works. Would you allow us to guide you into a successful collaboration perhaps? We are there to help. We have an entire Customer Success team that walks besides you from the moment you say Yes! until as long as it is needed to get your own team up and running. We guarantee that we will make it work for you. And in the highly unlikely event it will not work out for you, there are no strings attached. We can easily find another awesome job for your employees and you’re free to go. Our ways might separate, but you sure had a great experience. No doubt about that.