Are you an accountant?

Then you’ll welcome the opportunity to complete your team with highly educated finance professionals. But you also think it’s important that your office complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Becky makes it possible.

Working safely

In Belgrade, every employee has their fixed, dedicated workplace. Becky ensures adequate physical security: you can only enter the office with a personal access pass. That ensures us we know exactly who’s in the office and when, and who logs into your systems.


GDPR proof

Becky takes care of the internet connection. Do you feel more comfortable with your own VPN connection? That’s possible too. We don’t have access to your systems: your office switches one-on-one with your team members in Belgrade. And with our watertight GDPR agreements, we facilitate a GDPR-proof collaboration.

Fully compliant

Serbian laws and regulations are comparable to Dutch laws. Becky trains your team members in the differences on the job. Training is done online for now; past the pandemic, we train employees through an exchange program


Do you feel compliancy is important? Let Becky work for you.

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