‘I’ve found an opportunity for growth and support, which is what I dreamed of.’

Get a glimpse into life at Becky through one of our team members! Read a blog where Nevena shares her experience, challenges, and wins, giving you a real look at what it’s like to work and grow in our friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Post by Wilma Ivanisevic

Since you have been working at Becky for a year, what would you say about your experience?

The last year was quite challenging for me. However, I am so happy with my work at Becky. What I really like here is the team makeup. We are very similar, co-workers are always willing to help and open to listening to others. The organization is extremely good, there is a lot to learn, and still I have enough time for myself after work, in terms of having the drive, motive, and energy to pursue my personal goals. I especially have to commend the Becky core team, which organizes team-building activities, celebrations, and events of the highest quality so I cannot praise enough the excellent organization.

What is the thing you are the happiest with?

I would say that it is the kind of work we do here, for example, preparing financial reports, accounting, administration, and so forth. This way, I can see the big picture of the company, business and learn more about the way things work. Working in Dutch accounting is a great advantage because everything is much simpler compared to Serbian accounting and finance. The regulations are more oriented toward clients’ needs in the industry, but still there are some similarities in terms of the financial reports and analysis.

Working for a corporation and working for a startup – what is the difference in your opinion?

Both of these two work environments have their pros and cons, which is quite normal. Each job has its own challenges. The atmosphere at Becky is more than positive. We are relaxed and close, everyone is eager to help and cooperate. When you’re a part of a larger corporation, you’re only doing a small portion of the work, everything is divided into teams and the tasks are more specialized compared to a startup company. On the other hand, at Becky, teams are more independent and focused on their clients. It is fascinating that you have the opportunity to do almost everything – both financial reports and administration work. The greatest advantages of Becky, as I already mentioned, are work-life balance, Becky’s focus on employees, relaxed interaction, equality, and a positive atmosphere.

Is there room for improvement, learning new things and developing new skills at Becky?

There is a continuous process of improving and learning new things. The crucial and most relevant thing, in my opinion, is learning about financial reports from another perspective. By learning about taxation and the financial aspect of business dealings, I have gained the bigger picture of the way things work in the business field. I like working here since the organization encourages changes, and gives opportunities for learning, making advancement, and professional development. Becky tailors its organization to the preferences and needs of individual employees.

Aside from accounting, what other skills and knowledge do you think one might gain here at Becky?

I would like to point out that the client I work for appreciate the propositions and ideas I offer. Every few months the evaluation and rating process takes place. Any suggestions I made were appreciated and considered by them. For instance, I had asked to receive training in how to use Twinfield software or to have meetings with clients more often, and those two things were accepted. They are aware of our needs, and I do my best to be open-minded to their suggestions.

Any advice for fresh graduates who are starting their careers?

Every experience is significant and valuable. Having Becky as the career starting point is a great advantage. I believe our company has so much to offer to graduates stepping into the world of business. Here, they have the opportunity to work according to international accounting standards. As a piece of advice, I would share a universal message:

“Follow your dreams and pursue your goals since the effort and hard work are always appreciated.”

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