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Experience the vibrant culture and potential that fuel Becky’s growth and innovation, creating new horizons in business excellence. Explore the unique blend of work ethic, professionalism, and inclusivity that defines Becky’s success story, setting new standards in the global business landscape.

Post by Wilma Ivanisevic

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I always love to work with technology and fast-growing companies and that has always been my passion. So whether it was from an auditor, an advisor, or another financial function, I loved being involved with these tech companies with a lot of potential for growth.

I became an investor in tech companies, as well as taking on various positions such as financial director, head of people, coach, and advisor. This allowed me to actively contribute to the growth and development of these organizations. Sometimes I would immerse myself in the company, working alongside the teams to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Other times, I would provide guidance and support from a coaching or advisory standpoint.

How do you view the company’s culture and its growth in Serbia?

I have had the pleasure of knowing Becky for quite some time now. The most remarkable aspect of Becky, in my opinion, is the exceptional culture they have built. It’s truly impressive to witness such an international and collaborative environment within an Eastern European country like Serbia.

The company’s culture fosters transparency, scalability, and a strong drive to attract top talent. The work ethic and dedication I’ve seen in the team are what truly left a lasting impression.

This unique culture sets Becky apart and serves as an example for companies in Serbia, but also globally, even in the Netherlands, where I’m from.

“When visiting, I was pleasantly surprised to see that in Becky’s core team, team leads and managers are all women. To me, it showed that Becky is inclusive in a true sense of the word, while employing professionals at positions that suit their strengths, knowledge, and experience.”

Do you think people have been pleasantly surprised with the talent and potential in Serbia, as they’ve witnessed it at Becky’s?

Absolutely. Many people underestimate the talent and potential present in Serbia and other Eastern European countries. Their level of competence, work ethic, and even English-speaking skills, seem to often be overlooked.

I believe that many companies worldwide can benefit from exploring talent pools beyond their own countries and embracing remote work opportunities.

This broader perspective will unlock tremendous potential and bridge talent gaps.

You’ve been to Belgrade twice now. What are your impressions?

To be honest, I didn’t have any specific expectations before arriving, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered. The people of Belgrade left a lasting impression on me with their kindness and attentiveness. The city itself had a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that really appealed to me.

One aspect that stood out to me was the level of English proficiency among the locals. It was impressive to see how well they could communicate in English, which I believe is a testament to their exposure to the internet and global platforms.

Moreover, I was struck by the social laws and overall maturity of the society in Belgrade. It created a safe and collaborative environment, which I found to be truly remarkable. This kind of atmosphere is crucial for fostering growth and attracting top talent.

As I visited Becky’s office in Belgrade, I could sense the strong work ethic and professionalism of the team. The company has successfully established an international culture that fits well with the city’s spirit. It was evident that Belgrade has a talented pool of individuals who contribute to the success of Becky.

Speaking from a client perspective, how satisfied are you with the onboarding process and the overall client experience?

One aspect that I find particularly remarkable about Becky is the talented employee we have in Tiqets, from Belgrade. She fit-in quickly, works very hard, is very smart, and is truly devoted.

While I haven’t been directly involved in the onboarding process, I’ve witnessed the effectiveness and efficiency of Becky’s client onboarding. The company promptly understands client requirements, acts swiftly, and presents suitable candidates. The training and support provided to ensure a seamless transition for clients is also something I would highlight. Of course, it’s crucial for clients to embrace remote work practices and actively participate in the process.

Overall, Becky has consistently delivered value for its clients, leading to long-term partnerships and growth.

Looking ahead, how do you envision the future of Becky and its potential for further development?

Becky entered the market at the right moment and has tremendous growth potential. As the company continues to expand, the challenge lies in maintaining quality while coping with increased demand and attracting top talent.

Becky’s focus on education and training could even lead to the creation of talent pipelines in partnership with local educational institutions. The possibilities are vast, and Becky is well-positioned to explore them.

One aspect I find particularly promising is the opportunity for Becky to establish itself as a knowledge hub. By offering in-house training and expertise, Becky can enhance the skills of its employees and clients, setting new standards for quality and expertise in the industry.

With its strong employer branding and commitment to continuous improvement, the sky’s the limit for Becky.

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