Flexible clout

With Becky, you can keep the capacity of your team extremely flexible. You can always count on a 60 day termination period: the current month and the next month. Good to have in these uncertain times

Extremely flexible

With Becky, you’re never tied up. Do you have less work to be carried out? You can always cancel. Need more people? We’ll find them for you within a month. This allows you to respond almost immediately to more or less demand from your clients


Need a different level?

Becky also offers you flexibility in level. Do you have a medior employee at the job, but do you still need a senior or a junior? Thanks to the short lead time for termination, you can quickly add a team member at the right level. Employees whose level is not suitable for your team might have the right level for another team. We are always flexible in reassigning employees

Replacement in case of illness

Absenteeism in Team Belgrade is remarkably low. Is your team member sick for more than a few days? Then you can choose to pay them at a lower rate. This prevents you from having to take on another team member. You can also choose to cancel. In that case, we will quickly arrange a replacement. We make sure that the canceled team member can start working at another office after recovery


Do you want to expand your team quickly? Let Becky work for you.

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