When you become Becky’s client, we will sit down with you to determine your needs. Together, we will draw up the right job descriptions for our recruiters. Our recruiters were born ready, so right after our meeting they will start hunting especially for you. Expect the first candidates to be presented to you within one or maximum two weeks.

Before we present a candidate to you, you can be assured that the candidate was carefully selected by our team. That means we have had multiple meetings with the candidate to learn about their personality, test their accounting skills and check whether their level of English is up to the level that you should expect from us.

Each CV will come with a personal note from both our HR manager and our Senior accountant that have had an extensive interview with the candidate. They will explain to you what you can expect from this candidate and why we believe it could be a great match for you and your company.

You can plan multiple job interviews with the candidates we presented to you. You are very welcome to come to our Belgrade office and meet them in person, but in general the best way to meet with the candidate is over an online meeting. We will set up the meetings for you on a moment that is convenient for you in Teams, Meet, Zoom or whichever platform you prefer. Not convinced yet after one meeting? Feel free to plan a second or third meeting with yourself or your business partners.

Each candidate will be presented with an estimated monthly fee. The monthly fee consists of the candidate’s salary, overhead costs such as office rent etc. and our markup. We are always transparent about our pricing, so you always know on beforehand what to expect. It is difficult to say “how much” an employee would “cost” you per month as it depends on various factors such as the amount- and type of working experience of the candidate. In general you could say that the total monthly fee will save you up to around 30% on your payroll expenses compared to your local equivalents.