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Becky does more than solve your employee puzzle. We help you optimize the success of your expansion in many ways. We do this with good practical and substantial preparation. But also by excite your team for the extension to Belgrade.

Flying start

In the Becky Academy, we train junior talent, fresh from university. We teach them the critical systems, packages, and rules. In this way, we give people with an ideal profile for simple tasks a flying start in your team. We train these juniors out of our pockets for a full month in the most common software packages, such as Twinfield and Exact Online. We also bring them up to date with the bookkeeping practices of your country. This is why they fit in almost immediately. We hope to welcome the first class within a few months


Good preparation

When necessary, we help you to get your automation at the right level. Some offices have the tools, such as document scanning and an online accounting process, but don’t have them set up (optimally) yet. We can help with that as well. With Becky, you can take steps in your professionalization too.

Smooth cooperation

Everyone in Belgrade speaks fluent English. Through a secure internet connection, your Dutch employees - and also your clients, if needed - communicate with your team in Belgrade. And with our watertight GDPR agreements, we facilitate a GDPR-proof cooperation. You can decide for yourself whether you let your clients know that part of the work is done in Belgrade.



β€œThe distance Amsterdam-Belgrade is no practical obstacle for smooth cooperation. We work automated, in the cloud, and at a high level. This is an innovation that fits perfectly with our way of working. But you have to set it up the right way; with today’s technology, that’s possible. The team members use apps to translate documents into English. They can log in on our IT platform and then work on our servers.”

Read the interview with Bas here.


The team members in Belgrade are friendly, committed people and above all: an excellent addition to your team. They feel at home in a Western European company. To ensure that your employees are just as enthusiastic about the collaboration, we help you create support with your team. From experience, we know which approach works. For example, it’s essential that you explain the added value of Team Belgrade to a number of your key employees. For instance, these are co-workers that are nice to work with, and who start with simple tasks, allowing your current employees to grow towards handling more sophisticated work

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