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In the Netherlands, they are like gold dust: well-trained finance professionals. A shortage that’s only getting worse.

Shortage of good staff

More and more finance offices are facing a shortage of good staff. The cause is simple: fewer and fewer young people opt for accountancy training. Are you struggling to complete your team too? Let Becky help you.


Bespoke candidates

Are you looking for motivated, highly educated, hard workers who are eager to learn? Then Becky will find them for you in Belgrade. At the start, we would like to invite you to get to know the city and the team there. Then you tell us what you’re looking for: a junior, medior or senior. What type of employee fits your team? We put forward several candidates. You find out whom you click with. If you like, we’ll put a whole team together for you.

More than outsourcing

The people we find for you complete your team. They are dedicated employees, not flex workers on the sidelines. That’s why you hire them for a minimum of four days a week. Becky takes care of the daily goings-on at the office, you take care of your team members' job management in Belgrade. We’re happy to help you with the start-up.


Are you searching too? Let Becky work for you.

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