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Becky Journey

Two Big4 guys from Amsterdam ventured into entrepreneurship.

Their bookkeeping agency startup IBEO faced a staff shortage

Two Danish guys, their acquaintances, called them

Twelve months of hesitation and then finally a visit to Belgrade

Their first remote team of three people joined local IBEO forces!

Well, it was like a lightbulb moment that zapped them into realizing, “Belgrade is the superhero town where we can solve all our staffing distress!

Suddenly, they were mentally packing their bags for another Belgrade adventure. Imagine a bunch of finance-hungry brainiacs, just waiting to don their capes and dive into international money matters. It hit them like a sack of euros – the talent pool wasn’t just a puddle, it was an ocean, and IBEO wasn’t the only sailor in town.

And guess what? The Netherlands wasn’t holding the monopoly on this secret talent stash. It was like finding out there’s a parallel universe of financial wizards just waiting to be tapped into.

That was the Eureka moment when they decided to play matchmaker, crafting long-distance relationships between financial aces and European accounting offices.

But why stop there? The venture snowballed, and soon they were playing Cupid for big-shot internal finance departments. Love was in the ledger, my friend.

This is how it started. And, how is it going?

portrait of mystery man portrait of mystery man portrait of mystery man

And…Who is Becky, really??

Ever wondered Why Becky?

Bektas, our cherished team member, was IBEO’s first hire. Initially a shy, sweet boy with a bright smile, but as we got to know him, we discovered that he was more than just that. He was super nice, friendly, loyal, honest, and grateful. Bektas isn’t just a valuable team member, he also knows how to have fun and bring joy to the workplace. His positive and funny personality earned him the nickname “Becky,” a perfect fit for someone who always brought smiles and laughter to the team.

Meet the founders

profile picture of Sjoerd Heijmans

Sjoerd Heijmans

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Sjoerd is the visionary behind Becky's innovative approach. He is also known for his love of challenges. When he's not revolutionizing the industry, he's at the gym or training for triathlons. He's always pushing his boundaries.

profile picture of Geert Leijen

Geert Leijen

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Our Co-founder, an avid triathlete, embodies our ethos of constant improvement. His advice? "Set ambitious yet achievable goals; motivation thrives on pushing limits while celebrating success."

profile picture of Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas

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When it comes to basketball, he's a true MVP. His passion for sports fuels success on and off the court. His beloved dog brings him pride and joy. And Lisbon is not just a city to him; it's home and a wellspring of inspiration.

profile picture of Niels Thimmer

Niels Thimmer

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Passionate business enthusiast with journalistic flair and global data maestro, transforming market research into a symphony that resonates with millions of active users around the world.

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