Becky Academy

Empower your team with Becky Academy's tailored training solutions, designed to elevate performance and ensure seamless integration into the Dutch business environment.

What is Becky Academy?

Our program ensures your team quickly masters essential software for seamless workflow integration. From onboarding efficiency to compliance training, we cover it all, saving you time and ensuring success at every level.

  • Software proficiency

    Train your new team members through the software they'll be using, ensuring a smooth transition into your workflow.

  • Onboarding Efficiency

    Accelerate the onboarding process and minimize the time it takes for your new team to become fully operational.

  • Understanding Local Regulations

    Let us familiarize your team with Dutch regulations, ensuring adherence and operational efficiency.

  • Time-Efficient Training

    Say goodbye to the hassle of investing significant time in initial training. Our expert-led sessions take the burden off your shoulders.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    Whether there's an experienced professional or someone new to the field, our program is designed to cater to diverse levels of expertise, ensuring all learners receive the support needed for success.


Elevate Dutch Accounting and Audit Skills!

Becky Academy dives deep into the world of Dutch accounting and auditing, making it an adventure you won't want to miss out on!

  • Extensive Resources:

    Access our comprehensive e-learning platform. Featuring a wealth of materials accessible to learners of all seniority levels, it facilitates continuous knowledge expansion at your own pace.

  • Soft Skills Development:

    Enhance your professional prowess with comprehensive soft skills training, specializing in effective communication and business English proficiency, tailored to empower your career growth.

  • Expert Guidance:

    Boost your audit and accounting proficiency with guidance from esteemed trainers and specialists from the Netherlands. Take advantage of live knowledge-sharing sessions held in our offices for an enriched learning experience.

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Becky Academy’s Key to Success

Becky Academy offers a holistic learning experience, combining technical expertise with cultural immersion, personalised support, and a robust e-learning platform. Whether you're aiming to master Dutch accounting and audit practices, enhance soft skills, or deepen cultural understanding, Becky Academy equips you with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the Dutch business environment, regardless of your level of expertise.

Becky Academy modules

Discover personalized modules to enhance your accounting and audit skills!

icon representing Becky Accounting Academy

Becky Accounting Academy

At the General Becky Academy, we lay the foundation for your success at Becky. Through a curated program, we equip you with essential skills, knowledge, and insights crucial to thrive in your role within our vibrant community.

icon representing Becky Counts on You

Becky Counts on You

The program is designed to assist young talents in mastering Dutch accounting and auditing. We carefully select our program to provide young talents with key skills and knowledge. It prepares them for the dynamic challenges and opportunities ahead.

icon representing Becky Audit academy

Becky Audit academy

The training offers a combination of fundamental audit principles and practical client-related examples. It addresses various levels of seniority and covers Dutch audit procedures, tools, and soft skills essential for a successful transition into the field.

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