Joining Becky was more than just a job change

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We asked our dear colleague Aida who works in our team in Sarajevo to share the experience she has had with Becky. What makes her comments especially noteworthy is the fact that she has considerable experience working for financial companies.

Before joining Becky, you worked for about 10 years for a big financial company. Can you tell us more about your previous experience concerning working in the financial field?

For many, working in the financial field might seem demanding and somewhat monotonous but I do enjoy having this kind of job. Doing it day after day makes you “fall in love” with it because the more knowledgeable and skillful you become, the more satisfaction you get from deep and analytical thinking, meaningful discussion with co-workers, the reputation you gain, and finally freedom you enjoy at your workplace. But despite establishing a rapport with colleagues and gaining a valuable skill set, after working for more than ten years, you begin feeling that a routine has crept in and that you’ve been within your comfort zone. So, in time I began to feel I should step out of my comfort zone and expose myself to new challenges to make further progress as a professional.

How is working for Becky different from working for a corporation?

Start-up companies, such as Becky, have as their integral part a certain enthusiasm – a youthful eagerness – to improve their micro surrounding. That kind of mindset was what drew me to Becky, and motivated me to become part of this amazing crew. We come from different parts of our country but share the same goal – to present our expertise in the international market. Aside from that, working for Becky allows me to keep learning new things, meeting new people and cultures.

“Once I dreamed of working remotely while enjoying a cup of coffee on one of the mountains surrounding Sarajevo. Needless to say, working for Becky is a dream come true!”

What do you like most about working for Becky?

This job enables me to work remotely but on the other hand, if I want to work at my office, I know for sure I am going to enjoy the nice and friendly atmosphere in the company of my positive co-workers. These are just a few of the reasons why I like working here. One more thing so typical for Becky is cultivating and promoting professional-advancing-and-improving sensibility. Within a year spent in the company, I managed to take a few Becky-sponsored courses, which turned out to be a huge career booster. Also, business trips make a nice and interesting part of the job. My client is a Vienna-based company, Adriatic Group, which operates in a few European countries. Vienna is an extraordinary place and I appreciate the opportunity to enjoy its beauties when visiting my client’s headquarters. I would recommend to everyone to build their career path with Becky.

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You work in finance and accounting, but you have your TV show. Given your family responsibilities, which naturally come first, how difficult is it for you to handle two jobs?

People often ask me: How do you succeed in taking care of so many things? My answer is: I can’t take care of every single thing. No one can! However, I manage to stay focused on things I set as my priorities.

How would you describe your current job in terms of work-life balance?

Work-life balance is one of my top priorities. I have to say I am so happy with how things work here in Becky. I feel I can seamlessly integrate professional and personal aspects of my life. Both of them complement each other. The newly found balance has helped me not only to enhance my professional performance but also to improve my well-being. Being able to satisfy my intellectual curiosity while managing different processes as the controller, journalist, wife, and mother, allows me to lead a fulfilling life going beyond conventional criteria for success.

Would you like to share some details about the TV show?

The title of my show is “Between the Lines”. It refers to the subtle way in which I convey important life lessons. I believe that only those who are willing to put in the effort, work hard, study diligently, and surround themselves with positivity can overcome setbacks, which are common to all of us. While working on the show, I’ve learned a lot about communication, which is an essential tool in my line of work and helps me to understand the values of others. I treat each person I interview as if they were the most important person in the world. This approach motivates me to be kind and compassionate in my dealings with others, both professionally and personally. If I may make a bit of a romantic summary, because being an idealist is one of my noticeable traits:

“The world is made of moments we choose colors for. Intensive ones are what we memorize. After counting such moments, we will understand how meaningful we lived.”

Dear Aida, we appreciate your inspiring comments and all you do to promote Becky’s culture.

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