Dedicated to training top talents among final-year students of Economics, the program “Becky Counts on You” is set to kick off their careers in an accounting company. During the training, students are introduced to multiple accounting software and have the opportunity to learn about the basics of Dutch accounting, tax rates and methods of application, unique way of working, and Becky’s business culture. We asked Sara Jocović and Kristina Bajić, who recently attended our first educational program, to share their impressions with us.

For starters, may we ask you both to briefly introduce yourselves?

My name is Sara. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business. My major was Accounting and Auditing. The “Becky Counts on You“ program was my entry point to Becky since it allowed me to start working for Becky after receiving theoretical and software usage training.

I am Kristina, a Faculty of Economics and Business graduate, who majored in Business Analysis and Consulting.

How would you describe the overall experience with the program?

Kristina: It was enjoyable from the very beginning. Everyone was approachable, supportive, and willing to answer my questions.

Sara: I completely agree with Kristina. Meeting wonderful colleagues – who proved to be real friends from the start – set the tone for the entire program.

How has the program helped you in terms of knowledge and skills?

Sara: The program helped me to go through accounting basics once again. Also, I learned a lot about the basic principles of Dutch accounting and the differences between accounting practices in Serbia and the Netherlands. The most fascinating was learning specific facets of Dutch accounting – concepts I had not been introduced to.

Kristina: The program introduced me to the daily-used accounting software tools. I have also gained a deeper and comprehensive insight into accounting.

And as for skills?

Kristina: I have improved my English given the fact I need it to communicate with the clients. I also have overcome any roadblocks in terms of speaking and writing English.

Sara: I feel that reviewing the things I learned at university, expanding my professional English vocabulary, and improving my spoken English are the most important skills I have gained through the program.

Have Becky Academy and the “Becky Counts on You” program met your expectations?

Kristina: Of course, “Becky Counts on You” program gave me a lot of motivation and support in the application process while Becky Academy provided me with so much useful information, that I felt well-equipped and confident enough to deliver the best results at my workplace.

Sara: The program comes down to teamwork – we did assignments and presentations together, so all of us were involved and we could complement each other with different ideas and solutions. “Becky Counts on You” provides the students with the solid foundation they need to work with their Dutch clients.

After attending the program, both of you started working at Becky, so how do you feel about your career at Becky?

Kristina: I was a bit anxious while contemplating my prospective career start, first employers, fitting-in ability, and opportunities to expand my knowledge. After attending the “Becky Counts on You” program, I started working at Becky and came to understand that my concerns had been unfounded. I would point out that using English daily here helps me to overcome any insecurities I have regarding English usage and keep working on brushing up my English-speaking skills.

Sara: Given the experience I had as an intern at an auditing office in Serbia, I thought that working for a Dutch company would mean comparably much more stress, tighter deadlines, and additional difficulties related to work performance in a foreign language. However, it’s completely the opposite. I have a great team, both here and in the Netherlands! Our workload is reasonably distributed so no one has to work overtime or is overloaded. There are four great colleagues on my team in Serbia, and I appreciate their friendly attitude and support.

Would you like to share some details on Becky’s workflow (leaving out confidential information, of course 😊)?

Sara: The workflow begins with a more experienced colleague learning about the client’s business and specific bookkeeping details related to it. Afterward, with his assistance or under his supervision, I take over the bookkeeping intending to become independent in performing the task.

Is there anything you especially appreciate about working at Becky?

Sara: One of the perks of working at Becky is the opportunity to go on business trips to the Netherlands. I already have had the opportunity to visit my team in the Netherlands, where I enjoyed their hospitality. I understood that my Dutch colleagues have the employees’ satisfaction and the team’s harmony as their priority. During my stay, we worked together a lot but also visited different towns and cities so each day was full of memorable experiences.

Kristina: I am pleased with my clients. They are approachable, supportive, and understandable. One more benefit, which seems unlikely to be seen in the accounting field, is that Becky periodically organizes business trips for their employees so they can meet their clients and work with their Dutch colleagues in person once in a while.

Any final words to the students who are considering if they should apply?

Sara: They should not feel intimidated by working in a foreign language since the training process unfolds gradually and they can count on their team colleagues‘ support and feedback at any given moment.

Kristina: If you are into accounting, and eager to put into practice things you learned at the university, then Becky is the right place where you will be able to expand your knowledge and improve your skills in the best possible surroundings. I am convinced that “Becky Counts on You” is a great project, which may help you to land your dream internship or dream job!

We appreciate that Sara and Kristina were happy to share their experience. At the same time, we hope this might nudge you to follow their example and benefit from the “Becky Counts on You”!

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