How Becky team members benefit from working for RETAILORS

Post by Emanuela Jovic

We asked Marko, Tijana, and Mima to share their experience and provide some details when it comes to the way of working since they are not working for an accounting company.

In the beginning, it was a challenge for me to work in corporate bookkeeping, since I encountered it for the first time in my career at Becky. Unlike agency bookkeeping, corporate bookkeeping pays much more attention to details. Unlike other teams in Becky, we do not work only for the Dutch market, but for 15 countries that span 2 continents, for these reasons, we must be familiar with the rules in those countries and their way of working. Also, in addition to the posting itself and submitting the VAT return, we also have to do additional checks every month in terms of not only if something has been properly posted to a good GL account but also whether it has been posted in the right period (time limits) and if it is a good cost center, either a direct or indirect cost. After all the checks, we also make monthly reports at the level of the entire company, which we send to our parent company, where we monitor the results at the level of the entire company and whether they are in line with the company’s budget. In addition to the monthly reports, we also have control of VAT applications, which we monitor in each country individually. Our team at Becky has 10 people who are divided into teams where we have people who manage the daily bookkeeping, and people who control it as well as the control of the company’s entire finances.- Marko

We operate in 14 different countries in Europe, and in Canada meaning we face cultural diversity when communicating with each country involved. It’s important to keep a positive attitude even when we face a language barrier while talking with people of different expertise or experiencing technical issues since the business is developing together with us. Our client is a well-known brand but Retailors is a relatively new company. We cooperate with the finance team in NL, the client’s team regarding invoices and payments, and a large number of store managers and employees connected to our stores.- Tijana

Our tasks include a lot of involved processes and departments within the company: sales, operations, inventory, and payroll. Also, as a part of an international holding company, listed on the stock exchange, we have to report each quarter to auditors. The company is compliant with internal controls and standards setting clear procedures, responsibilities, and workflows. A big part of our work is communication with external partners as accounting agencies and auditors, and taking part in year-end financial statements preparation and other statutory obligations.- Mima

How has the collaboration between your team in Serbia and the Dutch colleagues expanded the horizons for professional growth?

I appreciate the opportunity to work in a large multinational company, where together with colleagues from the Netherlands we solve problems in all parts of Europe and Canada. Being able to get to know different cultures, and different systems also helped me broaden my horizons in managing the finances of a company.- Marko

It’s very valuable to learn how each system works in so many different countries and nations, not only the Netherlands. It is a never-ending influx of information and a challenge to align with everyone’s requests. Dutch colleagues are very understanding and supportive, never forgetting to ask about your day and offer solutions.- Tijana

As already mentioned, our Headquorter is in Amsterdam, but it’s not only a Dutch company. We get skilled in remote work, within diverse teams, different mentalities…- Mima

What specific skill sets have team members in Serbia developed as a result of working for a Dutch company?

The most important skill set that our team has developed is that we have become even more meticulous, for the reasons I stated above because it is not only important if something is written, but also if the details in a particular invoice are also accurate, whether it is in good time period, is it a good cost center.- Marko

Specific skill set would be communication, cooperation and patience! - Tijana

Working in the leading integrated software suite is one of the valuable skills we as a team have developed. There are not many people in Serbia familiar with this software, for the simple reason that not many local companies are using it. Working as a remote team, we had to advance in communication and the use of English, and Excel. And also, some collaborative softwares.- Mima

Can you share some success stories or examples of team members who have grown professionally through this cooperation?

As a team lead, I’m happy to witness the personal and professional growth of each of the team members. In only 2 years, Marko and Tijana got into position to lead the teams and get responsible for the whole region. Miljana started only a year ago as an intern, and now is one of the most valuable team members, having already been granted some advanced tasks.- Mima

How do the cultural differences between the Serbian and Dutch contribute to personal and professional development?

On a personal level, it helped me to find an ideal life/working balance, because the company first looks at whether we are satisfied with the amount of work and progress, and then we get assignments based on that. On a professional level, I am satisfied because I got the opportunity to work in a large multinational company and to be involved in all its companies in Europe and Canada. Also, I was given the great responsibility to, in addition to control, work on internal reports that refer to the entire company.- Marko

I personally believe we are very similar when we communicate directly without avoiding the real topic and that is what makes us a great team. Transparency and honesty, kindness, and open mind make our John so special.- Tijana

Working in a company like this, we got the opportunity to learn not only about Dutch culture and lifestyle but also to observe and notice differences within Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavian countries, and Canada. It’s a mixture of cultures and mentalities, different approaches, and solutions for the same challenge. Altogether, it is a guarantee that our work days are not monotonous and uneventful.- Mima

Given the nice tradition that the team members usually go out together every month, we asked the team leader: Why do you think it is important to team bonding?

Our manager is visiting us 3-4 times per year, and we do hope that tradition will continue. In addition to that, we got some funds from the company to spend on team activities, such as having lunch together, going out for a coffee, or surprising a team member with a birthday cake. It helps to get more familiar with each other, and have some fun and relaxed moments together, outside of the office. Makes us feel like a true part of a world-class company. We also organized some field trips, to Novi Sad and Budapest. In Budapest, we visited one of our stores and met some colleagues in person. It was a great experience, a special way of bonding, and hope there’s a lot more to come.

Last but not least, we also asked an intern to share how she is satisfied with the team and progress she has made since she started her career at Becky and why she would recommend Becky to fresh graduates.

I’m very satisfied with the team and the progress I have made since I began my career at Becky. Working here has been an enriching experience for several reasons:

Dedicated and supportive team - a highly educated and motivated team dedicated to their work, which allowed me to learn and grow.

Rapid skill development- from the moment I joined the team I was given the opportunity to take on meaningful responsibilities which provided me with valuable skills in a short amount of time.

Global experience- The opportunity to work from Belgrade with a team in the Netherlands has broadened my perspective and allowed me to collaborate with a team from diverse backgrounds and countries.-


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