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The selection process includes the following steps:

  • Reviewing the CVs and arranging the interviews with candidates that meet the criteria
  • HR interview (either live or online) with a recruiter
  • Technical knowledge evaluation
  • Sharing the profiles with Becky’s partners (companies the candidate might start working for)
  • Introducing the candidate to our partners

Arranging an interview between our partner and the candidate.

  • If our partners find the candidate to be a perfect match, we will give a job offer to the candidate.
  • If the candidate also believes this is a perfect fit, the hiring process will be successfully finished.

Hybrid. Here at we promote a hybrid working style, a working-from-home / at-the-office mix. So, there is no exclusive working-from-home arrangement. Each team together with their client, decides on how to organize the hybrid work, for example, what days the team members will work from home or at the office.

Our partners are quite similar to Big 4 companies, in terms of their business model. There is a significant difference, however. All companies we work with do not have branch offices in Serbia to provide services applying the local regulations. Therefore, our employees follow national regulations and legislation of the countries their clients’ businesses are based in, as well as applyinternational reporting standards. This approach benefits their professional development, which enables them to perform a comparative analysis of the two taxation systems. Even though they perform the job assignments at the office in Belgrade, our employees work directly for foreign companies as members of their respective in-house financial teams. The principal reason employers prefer working with us is the high quality of financial services they achieve by hiring our employees. A high level of satisfaction among our partners is guaranteed by carefully applying the highest selection process criteria and working hard to introduce our partners to the best professionals in different financial areas, who also align perfectly with their needs.

Here, at company, we provide well-organized training within Becky Academy department. The academy provides an initial, structured training program to all new employees, regardless of their seniority level. The training comprises two levels– Introduction to accounting regulations and Introduction to the specific software tool the respective company uses. After your training in Becky Academy, your co-workers will provide you with additional instructions, which will enable you to work on your own.

Given the concept of colleagues on distance, we would not like our employees to feel left out or not be part of the company they work for only because of the physical distance and being a few thousand kilometers away. So, after joining efforts with our partners, we found a solution that contributes to a better work environment and enables both our partners and employees to get to know each other better–having visits regularly. It means our employees visit their colleagues for a few days, work at their office, and get to know each other better, both personally and culturally. On the other hand, when our European colleagues visit us, it allows us to show them hospitality and make them feel at home. Aside from professional development, such visits enable us to learn more about each other on a personal and cultural level.

Client-employee cooperation is performed daily, with some specific differences depending on the company. Team leaders are responsible for communicating necessary information between a client and their team, ensuring that all employees have a sense of belonging to the in-house team. They provide training, arrange job assignments, and monitor their team’s progress. Partners organize evaluation sessions with their team members and strive to give them clear feedback about their performance and progress. Although we are ensuring to cooperate with partners who align with our values and communication style, each partner company has something that’s specific for them only. Our advice to the candidates is to openly discuss culture and communication style when they get to the interview phase with a prospective partner. Aligning culturally is equally important as being a good fit in a technical sense.

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